Earn up to 12%

How Do You Earn 12%?


Real Estate…IS  the # 1 millionaire maker!


More millionaires are made through real estate than any other way.


What steps can I take to grab my piece of the American dream?


What is my risk?


How are the funds secured?


Where in today’s market can I earn 12%?


Can I lend money like a bank but make a lot more?


Can I use my IRA/401k?


How do I get started?









How the Process Works


You become a lender like the bank.

-          Yes!  It is legal.

-          Yes!  Your return is higher than what the bank is getting.

-          Yes!  Your funds are secure.

-          Yes!  We do use a title company.

-          Yes!  We use an attorney.

-          Yes!  We do all the work.

-          Yes!  It is very simple for you.


We purchase real estate, rehab it and sell it for a profit.


There will be a formal closing at a title company.


No one from our office will ever ask you send funds to any place but the title company.


All funds go directly to the title company.


What we do:

-          Purchase property at deep discounts

-          This is possible because we pay cash for properties

-          We borrow these funds from people just like yourself

-          Properties are rehabbed very nicely (a stager is hired to pick colors and put nice items in the house when completed and ready for sale)

-          Sell properties quickly [we usually have a property bought, rehabbed and sold (meaning closed) in about 90 days]

-          We do at times put a rent to own tenant into the properties

-          Once a property is sold all your money is returned to you, we don’t hold funds between projects


What we don’t do:

-          Buy in combat zones

-          Over pay for property

-          Gamble (everything is structured and well thought out, all the research is done ahead of time)

-          Never borrow more than 70% of the after repaired value of the property

-          We don’t borrow funds unless we have a specific project for you to fund





Getting Started!


How you can get started as a private lender with us.

-          We don’t accept everyone

-          If you qualify we will present you with an opportunity

-          NOTE:  We don’t play games – if you’re not ready to earn up to 12% than don’t apply – if you choose to work with us and not take action when the opportunity to fund a property is offered to you, you may lose the privilege of working with us.  In other words: one strike and you maybe out…forever.  We are very professional and serious about what we do, you should be too.


What have we accomplished?  For over 20 years we have been buying, rehabbing and selling real estate.  So naturally there are far too many properties to show.  But here are some projects in various stages.

A recent sold property


Purchase Price:                 $100,000.00                                                           $200,000.00     Sales Price

Rehab Costs:                      $41,848.14                                                           -  $100,000.00     Purchase Price

Holding Costs:                  $4193.52                                                              -    $41,848.14     Rehab Costs

Selling costs:                     $22,940.44                                                           -    $22,940.44     Selling Costs

Sales Price:                         $200,000.00                                                        -      $4,193.52     Holding Costs

                                                                                                                                                     $31,017.90      Net Profit

A Property on the Market


Purchase Price:                 $46,000.00                                                           $139,900.00        Sale Price, Est

List Price:                            $139,900.00                                                        - $26,067.31        Rehab Costs

Rehab Costs:                      $26,067.31                                                           -   $8,701.25        Holding Costs

Holding Costs:                  $8,701.25                                                             - $15,290.00        Selling Costs, Est

Selling Costs, Est:            $15,290.00                                                             $43,841.44         Net Profit, Est


Property Being Rehabbed

Purchase Price:                 $12,000.00                                                           $90,000.00           Sale Price, Est

List Price, Predicted:      $90,000.00                                                           $12,000.00           Purchase Price

Rehab/Holding Costs:   $20,000.00                                                           $35,000.00           Rehab/Holding Cost Est

Future Costs, Est:             $15,000.00                                                           $9,900.00             Closing Costs ,Est

Closing Costs, Est:           $9,900.00                                                             $33,100.00           Net Profit, Est

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