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Questions and answers:
Q. What if you have accepted an offer before I had an opportunity to put in my offer?
A. Go ahead and submit your offer. Sometimes an individual can´t get a loan and sometimes you can actually bump the other contract but the original buyer has to know this is a possibility. So make the offer!

Q. Can I make offers on more than one property?
A. Yes! But you must have the ability to purchase all the properties you make offers on.

Q. If I missed out putting an offer on a property can I wait to see if it comes back on the market?
A. Yes! But I would recommend putting in a back up offer. If you don´t someone else probably will.

Q. When you have multiple offers on a property how can I get mine accepted over everyone else?
A Here are some things that will help get your offer at the top of the list.
  • Leave out any contingency clauses (like subject to mortgage lender´s approval)
  • The higher the nonrefundable earnest money deposit the better (this may help beat out higher offers)
  • Have a prequalification letter from a mortgage broker/lender stating the maximum amount to qualify for.
  • Be a cash buyer (with no contingencies)
Q. Can I purchase more than one property from you?
A. Yes! Many people realize what great deals they are getting and come back for more.

Q. Can I wait to make an offer on a property?
A. Yes, but you will probably end up being a back up offer (if you like the property make the offer immediately)

Q. How long are properties on your web site before you have and accept a contract?
A. It varies, but we usually accept a contract within a few days.

How do I get on the VIP list?
A. Fill out the form and we will email you properties before we open it up to the world.

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